pest  control company
We offer Advanced Precision Pest Control. We
can provide pin point treatment in most any
environment. We treat commercial accounts as
well as residential services. We guarantee most in
home pest, and We offer an exclusive rodent
proofing system. We have monthly,Bi-monthly,&
Quarterly service available. Call today to schedule
a convenient time to have a free in home pest
inspection. Termite treatments and inspection
reports also available. Call for free inspection.
We offer coverage against Termites, Fleas, Cockroaches,
Crickets, Wasp, Rodents, Snakes, Dead animal removal, Birds,
Gophers, Moles, voules,  Silverfish, Earwigs, Spiders,
chiggers, many mites, red bugs, Ants, Moths, Beetles, Flies,
Gnats, Bats, and other many other pests.   We now have a
"GREEN SERVICE" available. This uses ecoexempt products
that are botanically derived & has no harsh odor. Call to have a
highly trained professional inspect your home today!!!! Each
Home's service is customized to cover against specific pest.
Most Homes get interior inspection and exterior treatment for
each service.  We can fit any budget, and any concern.
Belly-Up-Bugs also offers termite treatment plans and polices for any home
type. termite inspections are free unless report is needed for real estate sales.
Some other wood destroying insects may be covered only on request. A regular
pest control service does not cover any wood destroying insects unless
otherwise listed contractually. Each New customer must sign a 12 month
agreement before any services are rendered. Payment due  the day service is
complete. Checks, Cash, Money orders all acceptable methods of payment.
here is a pic of Thomas treating a
boat dock. We have special products
available for areas that were
previously considered untreatable.
Here, Thomas is seen
applying roach bait directly
into the cracks and crevices
where roaches live
These are our EcoExempt & EcoPco Products. These
are botanically derived and have
NO effect on mammals.